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ESL Kids Course 6

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ESL Kids Course ePack 6 is a complete course for pre-intermediate & lower intermediate, containing a variety of materials for teaching students between the ages of 6 - 16. Inside this 216 MB Zip Download, you will find Printables Worksheets, Interactive Games, PPT Games, Flashcards, Powerpoint presentations, Video Tutorials and more. It is recommended for teachers, parents and other educators of kids. The content is well laid out and easy to follow.
There are 9 units in this level.
1.The natural world - Longest river
2.Fire! Fire! - What should we do?
3.Be polite! Where are your manners?
4.Space and the solar system - Biggest Planet
5.Harry Potter & stories
6.Healthy body
7.Sports Champions
8.Shopping - The red boots are more colourful.
9.Murder Mystery - Someone killed Mr. Handsome.
Each unit has the following:
Lesson Plan: A printable PDF lesson plan guides you through the steps of teaching each unit. On the lesson plan, you will find the lesson objective, language focus and teaching guide. This means you don't have to be a professional teacher to deliver a good lesson.
Video Tutorial: The video tutorial makes it possible for experienced and inexperienced teachers to successfully present the language of the unit with ease.
Powerpoint presentations: The PPTs are excellent visual aids for computer-assisted teaching. Creatively designed, these PPTs take away the hard work of planning the lesson. Just show and tell.
Worksheets: Every unit comes with a handful of worksheets to reinforce grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills. You will find puzzles, handwriting, spelling, sentence formation, colouring worksheets and more to spice up the lesson.
Flashcards: We didn't think it would be wise to leave out the dear old flashcards. Flashcards rank high as a favourite tool for language teaching. Our flashcards are colourful and come in two varieties - small and big sized.
Interactive Game: Some units have interactive games like jeopardy and more.
Please Note: This ePack is a digital download, NOT a physical product. After purchase, you will be provided a one time link to download the zip file to your computer. After we receive payment, you will receive your download link within 24 hours.

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