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Refund Policy

We have a refund policy

You can ask for a refund under the following circumstances:
- If you do not receive your product download link by email within 24 hours. It is also your responsibility to double-check that your email address is correct and your mailbox is not full.
- You can ask for a refund after 30 days if physical products shipped don't arrive.

We've tried to provide clear details for each product before purchase, so customers make informed decisions before buying our products.
We recommend reading product details clearly before buying. If you have doubts please send us an email with your questions - Email: eduterials(AT)gmail.com - replace (AT) with @ - this is a spam fighting technique.
We provide such clear instuctions that we seldom have to deal with refunds.
If you have a problem downloading a product, please send us an email. We are always standing by to help you.


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